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Arm Problems

Prior to seeing Dr. Newton, I could hardly move my left arm. I was taking pain medication (which I do not like) every 4 hours. The pain was unbelievable. No movement in my neck. After seeing Dr. Kent I now take no medication. The huge lump at the bottom of my neck is gone and I can move my neck. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t been referred to Dr. Newton. I’m pain and drug free.
~ Tracey


My son was very constipated and refused to nap. After coming to see Dr. Kent for a few adjustments my son began taking 2 1/12-2 hr naps a day (after refusing to nap even once a day) and is no longer constipated. So thanks to adjustments I have a much happier baby. Dr. Kent is so kind and gentle my son doesn’t mind being adjusted.
~ Liam’s mom

Bad Back

I had hurt my back shoveling snow and the ointments and pills I was taking were not working. I was hesitant to try chiropractic and now I’m glad I did. Now I feel much better, as do all my children. As part of my family’s health lifestyle we all now receive regular chiropractic care. Thanks Dr. Kent.
~ Doralee