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More Great Testimonials

Bad Scoliosis

I have a very bad case of scoliosis. Some days walking was a chore and everyday tasks could be extremely painful. A friend thought Dr. Kent could make my everyday living a little more bearable and suggested I see him. Dr. Kent has gone over and above what could possibly be expected from a health professional. As I have such a bad case of scoliosis he has spent many after clinic hours learning different techniques and then taken the time to educate me on my options. My condition and posture have improved. The rotation in my spine has lessened and the curvature has not increased. I am now an active adult, golfing, walking and regularly visit a gym to work out. I cannot say enough to express how grateful I am to have such treatment from an absolutely amazing human being. Thank you Dr. Kent.

– Anonymous

Arm Problems

Prior to seeing Dr. Newton, I could hardly move my left arm. I was taking pain medication (which I do not like) every 4 hours. The pain was unbelievable. No movement in my neck. After seeing Dr. Kent I now take no medication. The huge lump at the bottom of my neck is gone and I can move my neck. I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t been referred to Dr. Newton. I’m pain and drug free.

– Tracey


My son was very constipated and refused to nap. After coming to see Dr. Kent for a few adjustments my son began taking 2 1/12-2 hr naps a day (after refusing to nap even once a day) and is no longer constipated. So thanks to adjustments I have a much happier baby. Dr. Kent is so kind and gentle my son doesn’t mind being adjusted.

– Liam’s mom

Low Back and Neck Pain

I started treatment with Dr. Kent in April of 2012. At that time I had lower back pain, reduced neck movement, suffered from depression and bilateral tremors in my hands. I had less energy to do the things in life I wanted to and to accomplish my goals. Now ten months later my depression is much better and I have so much energy. My back pain is gone and my neck moves more freely. I have found that Dr. Kent and his staff have been very professional and uplifting to work with. Thank you Alliston Chiropractic Wellness Centre for your care.

– Jerry

Spinal Cord Damage

I had been in a car accident and injured my spinal cord. I suffered from constant head/migraines, back pain and digestive problems. Since working with Dr. Kent everything has improved and I’m living again! I’m now able to walk longer, ride a bike, play with my little girl, plus I have started to work again.

– Danielle

Leg And Back Pain

I was in pain for many years with my back then my leg. I watched my mother take pain killers for her pain with no results. I knew pain killers were not going to fix anything so came to see Dr. Kent my life has improved in all areas. Just to be able to go through the day without pain makes for a much happier me. When I started my treatments I had my doubts about how much good it would do me. Well I’m here to say that Dr. Kent knows his stuff and I am feeling at least 80% better and we’re not done yet. An added bonus is the arthritic bump I had on my neck is gone.


Forever Grateful

You are an amazingly caring, generous, proficient chiropractor. We are forever grateful for knowing you and having you care for us so expertly with grace, care and always with a smile.

– Rhonda N.

Low Back Pain

I couldn’t sit for more than 15 minutes. I wasn’t performing my best in sports. I had constant pain in my lower back. Since I began going to the chiropractor, I have found that I have been performing better than ever in sports. I have no more pain. The chiropractor has changed my life. Dr. Kent does a great job.

– Patrick

Hurt To Laugh

Before chiropractic care it would hurt my daughter to laugh, cough, sit, sneeze and run around. Sarah has now returned to her normal exuberant self. She feels much better now that she is under chiropractic care.

– Sarah’s mom

Ease Swallowing

After only a few adjustments I noticed more ease with swallowing, less heartburn and I stand taller with better posture. The most exciting of all is that I can now paint my own toenails!

– Wendy

Back Pain

Every once in awhile my back would “go out” and I would get a lot of pain and could hardly walk, sometimes it would take weeks to get back to normal. I no longer have back pain and I feel 10 years younger. I feel much more comfortable over all, and those pains I used to walk around with every day are gone.


Worth Driving For!

Dr. Kent is so knowledgeable and he was highly recommended to me by my brother who has had great success with his treatments. The assessment was so much more thorough than one I had previously received from another chiropractor and it was clearly evident to me that Dr. Kent is a true expert in the field, which is hard to come by. I live in Toronto but will happily make the one hour drive to see him for treatment for my chronic neck tension and migraines. HIGHLY recommended!

– Robbie M.



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