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Pregnancy, Postpartum & Newborn Chiropractic In Alliston



Dr kent adjusting baby

Pregnancy is a time of change. The shift in body mechanics sometimes causes mid and/or low back discomfort. Sciatic troubles and carpal tunnel syndrome may become part of the temporary, new normal. Chiropractic care can often alleviate some of these symptoms and enhance both labour and postpartum recovery.

The Webster Technique, a chiropractic method, is often used for malpositioned, or breech babies. Acupuncture as a standalone treatment or adjunctive therapy has also proven to be successful.

Dr. Kent also sees many pregnant patients, for acupuncture, at the end of their pregnancy as an alternative, non-invasive method of induction. We require a release form from your primary health care provider, for this treatment, sent prior to your appointment.


Now that your little one has arrived, there’s no time for back pain in parenthood. Birthing may have left your body needing some extra care. Knowing that your body will continue to shift and change in the coming months means that now is the time to take extra good care of your health; your baby depends on you. And let’s face it – lifting an infant several times a day is hard work that can damage your back if you’re not careful. Maneuvering a baby or car seat with one arm and a diaper bag on the other, protecting your lower back becomes a tough balancing act.

Life With Newborn

We see many babies in our clinic. Birth can be tough on babies. Large babies with little room to move, small babies who may have had some traction on their neck at birth and babies born with the assistance of instruments or caesareans may all need some special attention. From newborns to toddlers, parents bring their babies to Dr. Kent for a variety of reasons throughout the first years and beyond. You should know, chiropractic for children is not the same as it is for adults and each case is unique and care is individualized.

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