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Covid-19 Notice – Office Closed

As we navigate through this time of uncertainty with COVID-19, the health and safety of our patients is our top priority. We understand the concern and would like to reassure everyone that we are actively taking precautions to protect your health.

We take this current situation very seriously and continue to monitor the advice from health experts. Alliston Chiropractic will remain closed until 06 April 2020. We will reassess this date as more information becomes available.

When we do reopen, please know that we will be doing everything possible to ensure continued care and safety of our patients:

  • We will be washing/sanitizing our hands in between each patient interaction. We have placed hand sanitizer at every chiropractic table for easy access.
  • We will be taking EXTRA measures during this time period. We will be increasing the frequency for disinfecting and sanitizing chiropractic tables, chairs, door handles, toys, etc. There are also wipes in every room if you prefer to do this on your own, as well.
  • We will work to alter schedules to keep appointments spread further apart. Please bear with us as we work to accommodate these changes.

In an effort to protect other patients we kindly ask you to refrain from coming to the office and respect the 14 day waiting period if you are:

  • currently experiencing OR have experienced a cough fever and/or difficulty breathing in the 2 weeks prior to you next appointment.
  • you or someone close to you has been in contact with someone that has been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • returning from travel prior to a scheduled appointment in April.

While we do not support panic we do believe in preparation. Our mission is to support our local health care teams by easing some of the visits to hospitals for non-virus related issues. We fully support the efforts of the County, the Province and the Nation in flattening the curve to help our health care system take on this tremendous burden. We all have to do our part to ensure we don’t spread the virus to any vulnerable populations.

For our patients that are on a payment plan, please note that all payments for March have been processed but all April payments will be suspended.

We encourage our patients to stay focused on the best practices to boost their health and immune system.

  • Trust your bodies incredible ability to heal and fight illness.
  • Eat well.
  • Reduce sugar and caffeine.
  • Get exercise or yoga into each day.
  • Sleep enough.
  • Work on reducing stress.
  • Make sure to take vitamins C and D for immune support.
  • And stay positive!

Please email or give us a call with any specific questions or concerns. We are here for you.

We will continue to update you as the situation evolves.