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Patient Reviews

Chiropractor Alliston Patient Reviews

What others say about chiropractic care at Alliston Chiropractic Wellness Centre can help you make the right health care choice. Review a selection of our patient testimonials below. To see more of what people are saying about us please visit our YouTube channel for other great stories

As always, please contact the office if you have any questions. We hope you like what our patients have to say!


Forever Grateful

You are an amazingly caring, generous, proficient chiropractor. We are forever grateful for knowing you and having you care for us so expertly with grace, care and always with a smile.
– Rhonda N.


Lower Back Spasms

I have had lower back problems over the years and generally managed to keep them in check by moderating my activities. Recently, I pushed the envelope too far during some home renovations and my lower and mid-back went into severe spasm, due to extreme subluxation. My upper legs were also affected and I lost mobility and strength in my left foot. Normal recovery was not happening, so I searched the web for Chiropractors in Alliston and chose Dr. Kent, based on his considered approach to wellness. My instincts served me well. Dr. Kent provided a thorough and informative assessment. Together, we developed a plan to achieve sustained wellness, including addressing underlying neck issues, the catalyst for my back problems. Within two months of methodical treatment and exercises, my lower and mid-back are pain free, my legs and feet have regained their normal strength and we are now focused on the process of restoring alignment and posture in my neck. I learned a lot about myself and what I needed to do to improve my health. Read More »

Dr. Kent is passionate about his work. He really cares about his patients and goes well beyond providing treatment. He takes the time to explain what is occurring in the body and how it needs to be addressed. He enjoys interaction and the opportunity to educate, removing the mystery of the spine and central nervous system, which tends to make most of us hesitate to consult a Chiropractor, as an alternative to more traditional medicine. Most importantly, he helps patients understand the importance of taking ownership of their own wellness and developing habits to sustain good health. I consider Dr. Kent to be an excellent choice for anyone, young or older, who is experiencing joint pain. It’s never too late!

– David P.

Low Back and Neck Pain

I started treatment with Dr. Kent in April of 2012. At that time I had lower back pain, reduced neck movement, suffered from depression and bilateral tremors in my hands. I had less energy to do the things in life I wanted to and to accomplish my goals. Now ten months later my depression is much better and I have so much energy. My back pain is gone and my neck moves more freely. I have found that Dr. Kent and his staff have been very professional and uplifting to work with. Thank you Alliston Chiropractic Wellness Centre for your care.

– Jerry

I Can Do Yoga Again

No More Fear of Chiropractic

Decreased Headache Pain


Bad Scoliosis

I have a very bad case of scoliosis. Some days walking was a chore and everyday tasks could be extremely painful. A friend thought Dr. Kent could make my everyday living a little more bearable and suggested I see him. Dr. Kent has gone over and above what could possibly be expected from a health professional. As I have such a bad case of scoliosis he has spent many after clinic hours learning different techniques and then taken the time to educate me on my options. My condition and posture have improved. The rotation in my spine has lessened and the curvature has not increased. I am now an active adult, golfing, walking and regularly visit a gym to work out. I cannot say enough to express how grateful I am to have such treatment from an absolutely amazing human being. Thank you Dr. Kent.


My son was very constipated and refused to nap. After coming to see Dr. Kent for a few adjustments my son began taking 2 1/12-2 hr naps a day (after refusing to nap even once a day) and is no longer constipated. So thanks to adjustments I have a much happier baby. Dr. Kent is so kind and gentle my son doesn’t mind being adjusted.

– Liam’s mom

Tammy Pickford
Roger Larkin
Richard Yates


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